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Hamden Rehab & Health Care has joined Geriatrician Susann Varano, MD in providing educational lectures on many health-related topics. The community is invited to attend these lectures FREE of charge!


Receiving these awards sets us apart from other facilities in the area. We are a premiere facility and take pride in all that we accomplish because we put the care of our residents above all else.

Five Star Rating

Hamden Rehabilitation & Health Care Center has received a Five Star Quality Rating from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The Five Star Rating earned by Hamden Rehab. is the highest possible rating issued by CMS, and is comprised of several components including: State Survey Results, RN Staffing and Quality Measures. Quality Measures include indicators such as pain management, pressure ulcers and urinary tract infections. In all of these areas, HRHCC scored above average.

America's Best Nursing Homes by U.S. News and World Report

Hamden Rehab. and Health Care Center has been named as one of America’s Best Nursing Homes by U.S. News and World Report for 2014! We are proud to be included in the top tier of Connecticut nursing homes, those with a rating of five stars from the (CMS) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Approximately 32% of the nursing homes in Connecticut belong to this elite class.

Rehab Team of the Year

Congratulations to the Rehab. Team at Hamden Rehab. and Health Care! They are the recipients of the first annual Rehab Team of the Year Award issued by the Preferred Therapy Upper Management Team. They are definitely #1 in our book!

Bronze Award

In 2012, Hamden Rehabilitation & Health Care Center earned the Bronze Quality Award designation from the American Health Care Association. The commitment to quality designated by this award is a key first step to developing systematic, sustainable, person-centered care and services. Facilities must earn an award at each level before progressing to the next level. We had to provide our mission statement, demonstrate that we are aware of our customers’ environment and expectations along with an awareness of key performance measures and challenges. In addition, we had to establish that we have the ability to achieve performance improvement. We were one of only ten facilities in the state of Connecticut to win a 2012 Bronze Award. Three of the ten Connecticut winners were facilities owned by the TransCon Builders organization, our parent company.

Reflections at the Gallery

Hamden Rehabilitation and one of our sister facilities have recently joined with Yale University Art Gallery to develop a unique program for those with memory impairment.  Our staff has provided dementia education for the Yale Students and staff, while Yale Professors and students serve as gallery docents and educators.   They inspire our residents and family members to engage in a more complex dialogue about the art in each other’s company and rekindle their appreciation of art.

Call (203) 281-7555 for a complete listing of all happenings at Hamden Rehabilitation and Health Care Center.

Hamden Rehabilitation and Health Care Center

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